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On Craft Fairs and the Future

Hello again! It’s been much longer that I intended to let slip by before writing here again. But a family medical emergency that took me away from home most of November unfortunately intervened. The good news is that all is well now on that front.

The other good news is that I was very satisfied with how I did at both of the craft fairs I attended this year. I had some sales at both, got to promote my Etsy shop, got some great ideas for other products to sell (as well as what not to sell) and in general enjoyed myself both days.

Certain Smiles' Booth, St. Thomas the Apostle PTO Craft Fair, 2014

Certain Smiles’ Booth, St. Thomas the Apostle PTO Craft Fair, 2014

It’s never wasted time if it can be considered a learning experience. And both days certainly were. And they were also great opportunities to interact with fellow vendors as well as customers. I’m an introvert by nature, but put me in a situation where I have to interact and I love it! Especially when I’m talking about something I enjoy as much as crafting.

Certain Smiles' booth, St. Thomas the Apostle PTO Craft Fair, 2014

Certain Smiles’ booth, St. Thomas the Apostle PTO Craft Fair, 2014

However, I now find myself at a bit of a crossroads, asking myself where do I go from here? While I met the goals I had set for myself this year for the craft fairs, what about for the future? As I said, I learned a lot this year. Including that perhaps craft fairs aren’t the best place to sell the products I make. Sure, the customers I had were very enthusiastic about my creations, but were there enough of them to make my attendance at the craft fairs really profitable? Or would I need to focus more on “stocking stuffer” type items to sell – and creating such items is not really in my game plan right now, though perhaps it could be.

So I’m taking December to reconsider and regroup. I’m not stopping creating, not by any means; just refining where I’m heading in 2015. This blog will be part of that journey. I hope you’ll come along for the ride.


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Craft Fairs!

My apologies for the long absence in posts.  My excuse is that I’ve been pouring my creative energy into cards and other papercrafts, rather than writing. I am a vendor at two holiday craft fairs this year and the first one is tomorrow — November 1, 2014 – in Delmar, New York; it is being sponsored by the St. Thomas the Apostle School PTO. The second one is the Somers (NY) Primrose School Holiday Happiness Craft Fair on Saturday, December 6th. This will be my second year at the St. Thomas PTO Craft Fair (though the first with my own booth), and my first year at Holiday Happiness. Needless to say, I’m EXCITED!

Since the St. Thomas fair is so early, I’m going to have both Thanksgiving / fall cards and Christmas cards and gift card holders / gift tags available for sale. At both fairs I’ll also have a small selection (ok, who am I kidding, I’m bringing along way too many than I’ll ever have room to display) of my various “occasion” cards – thank you, thinking of you, sympathy, birthday, etc.  These include items I’ve listed on my Etsy shop. Visitors to each craft fair who express interest in the cards, but not in purchasing at the fair, will receive a coupon with a code for free shipping from my Etsy shop.    I thought that might be a way to generate traffic to my shop even after the fairs are over.  I’m still working on building up the number of visitors to my shop.

Here is a sneak-peek at two of the gift card holders that I made early this morning:

Gift Card Holders. Images c. Stampin' Up!

Gift Card Holders. (images c. Stampin’ Up!)

I’m hoping these will be big sellers – they are just so darn cute!

Depending on how things go tomorrow (and I’m hoping they go well!) I’ll either spend November restocking or retinkering.  I still have many design ideas for Christmas cards that I haven’t made yet, so those will probably be the focus of my efforts the next few weeks.  And perhaps writing more here!

’til next time…..





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