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Color Choices in Card Making

Lotus Blossom in Melon Mambo (image c. Stampin' Up!)

Lotus Blossom in Melon Mambo (Image c. Stampin’ Up!)

A couple of weeks ago, I spent the afternoon making cards (as I do most weekend afternoons). I was working with a colorful group of Stampin’ Up!’s designer series papers and their coordinating solid colored card stocks (mostly Melon Mambo) but was getting tired of making thank you, birthday, and thinking of you cards, more appropriate to the colors I was using. So my mind started to wander to the new Lotus Blossom stamp set I’d received during this year’s Sale-a-Bration promotion. I decided to try it out using Melon Mambo ink.   The results were spectacular, as you can see.

But the question now was, what type of card should I make to go along with it?   My answer? A sympathy card! The message inside reads “May you find comfort in God’s word and in the knowledge that others care and sympathize with you.”

Sympathy Card in Pinks with Lotus Blossom (images c. Stampin' Up!)

Sympathy Card in Pinks with Lotus Blossom (images c. Stampin’ Up!)

Apology Card in pinks (images c. Stampin' Up!)

Apology Card in pinks (images c. Stampin’ Up!)

I used the same patterned paper, stamp set and light pink card stock base to make a general “apology” card (there is no sentiment stamped on the inside so it can be used for any occasion where “I’m sorry” needs to be said).

As I think I’ve written here before, I love bright colors.  But as I step back now after a few weeks, I must admit I’ve begun to question that decision. Seriously.  Pink for a sympathy card?!?!?!  What was I thinking?

Obviously, I wasn’t.  While I can’t quite bring myself to dislike these cards (I just love the colors) I know in my heart that the colors clash with the sentiments they convey.  And as much as my head tries to rationalize it (even as I write this I continue to try to justify the color choices…..), I know I went a little too far with my creative license on these.

Just as per Ecclesiastes 3:1, To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven, to every occasion there are fitting card designs and less fitting ones.  Not that an occasional non-traditional look isn’t good.  It can be great in fact, but more me, at least, I think I’m going to stick with the traditional from here on out.  In fact I spent this morning working on sympathy cards that can be used at work.  They are all done in browns, ivories, greens, and rich purples.  They look much more appropriate, don’t you think?


Sympathy Cards by Certain Smiles, images c. Stampin’ Up!


Sympathy Cards by Certain Smiles, images c. Stampin’ Up!

Sympathy Cards by Certain Smiles, images c. Stampin' Up!

Sympathy Cards by Certain Smiles, images c. Stampin’ Up!

I could go on about the “psychology of color” (and there are plenty of websites out there on the subject), but I think, for now at least, I’ll just stick with my gut instincts….and avoid pink for sympathy cards in the future!!


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The Colors of Fall

A couple of days ago, my boyfriend told me about a trip to the grocery store where he saw a display of white pumpkins and wondered if I’d ever seen such at thing. I hadn’t. We both agreed that white pumpkins seemed “wrong, on so many levels” (one of his favorite phrases).

Well, it appears that, once again, I am behind the times. A quick Google search reveals that white pumpkins have been around since about 2005. Early adopter Martha Stewart started decorating with them as far back as 2003. Some sites refer to them as a “classy and chic” way to decorate for fall, particularly fall weddings.

So I tried to suspend my skepticism and scrolled through the multitude of images that appeared online for “white pumpkins”. Carved ones, painted ones, whole ones with decorative trim, and just plain white ones sitting all alone. I clicked on some for a closer look, but in the end, none of them made me a fan.

Call me a traditionalist, but what’s the point of a pumpkin if it’s not orange? What’s the point of fall without color? Isn’t that why a dozen or more state, federal and other tourism sites post frequent updates of their fall foliage?  Ironically, when I look up “traditional fall colors” online the top results include “non-traditional fall colors for your wedding”….

Alas, here is where this post ran out of steam / ideas of what to say….. So I’ll simply leave you with this pumpkin I created, in some of my favorite fall colors:

Pumpkin Thanksgiving Card

Pumpkin Punch Art Thanksgiving Card





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