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Well hello! Thanks for checking out my blog.   My name is Cindy Sauer and until recently, I lived with my 2 cats in Westchester County, New York. In February 2016 we moved to Bowling Green, Ohio.  Obviously, since I open with mentioning my cats, yes, they are very important to me. Not as important as the people in my life, but they do rank up there. You can expect to hear about them occasionally here.

I work as a records manager and archivist at a university.  After taking about eight years after college to decide “what I wanted to do with my life” (during which time I spent an exhaustive yet exciting period working as a paralegal), I decided I wanted to follow my interest in history and become an archivist and help organize and make available historical records for those who wanted to study them. Note the distinction here – I didn’t want to be a historian and study the records myself – I get too bogged down in figuring out what to study – has someone studied it before and done a better, more thorough job than I could – and it always seems like someone has (I’m my own worst critic). So instead, I became a keeper of records. Every archival collection is unique and the career fits my enjoyment of putting things in order and writing not about what’s IN the records, but about the records themselves so others can find them to do their own research. It’s more straightforward and less open to interpretation. I still like to do research, and while I’m working with the records I often find myself thinking about all the great research projects that could be done with them, I just never quite get up the courage to pursue them.  While I was in New York I worked at a university archives, a corporate archives and for almost 13 years at a county archives.  I loved working with government records at the county archives, but personal reasons brought me to Ohio.  I’m facing new challenges and opportunities here and am enjoying the slower pace of life in northwestern Ohio.

So that’s what I do to earn money to keep myself sheltered and feed (and the cats too; some days I think I work more for them than for me….). In my spare time I like to be “crafty”. In recent years this creative bent has focused on making handmade greeting cards as well as doing needlepoint. In the past I’ve gone through periods of crocheting and knitting (and want to get back to it; I still have a yarn stash to use up), sewing, scrapbooking, and photography.

Which leads me to the purpose of this blog. When my organization skills spill over into my housecleaning, and I start organizing all the cards and letters I’ve received from friends and family – chronologically and by sender of course – one of the things I do is throw out the greeting cards that are generic and are simply signed by the sender without anything personal written inside. “What’s the use of simply documenting that so-and-so sent me a birthday card in 1997?” the archivist in me asks.

So, now that I’ve just alienated all my friends and family who have ever sent me a card, let me point out that I understand that sometimes it’s difficult to know what to say in a card – so you let Hallmark or American Greetings or some other card company do it for you. Heck, they get paid to write those things, they must know what they’re doing. But I can’t count the number of times I stood in the card store or card aisle of the drug store or grocery store and put back card after card because it didn’t quite say the right thing. It’s spot on in part of what it said, but then the other line in the saying was all off.

So you wing it and write your own message. I think for a lot of people that can be daunting. So that’s part of what I hope to provide here. A jumping off point; ideas to get you started to write your own message. Go ahead, buy that blank card with the pretty picture or funny image and add a personal touch. I know there are other sites out there for you to search for this information, so what will I provide that is different? Argh! It’s the same problem I have with trying to decide what will make my historical research “unique”.   Well, I guess the only answer to that is “me”. I hope that’s enough to keep you coming back for more.

I’ll also be posting my thoughts on card designs, card etiquette, history and other interesting factoids on cards, and probably non-card stuff as well. We’ll just have to see how things go, but that’s my general outline for now.

Thank you for joining me on this venture. Please feel free to comment and let me know if there are any related topics you’d like to see covered in future posts.


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  1. And you have tremendous love and support from your boyfriend!

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