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Hello from O-H-I-O!

Certain Smiles' Creative Space, Bowling Green, Ohio

Certain Smiles’ Creative Space, Bowling Green, Ohio

Has it really been almost 9 months since I’ve posted here?  Much has happened.  Most importantly, I’m no longer writing this from the comfort of my cozy den in Somers, New York,  but from my sun-filled office / craft space in my new apartment in Bowling Green, Ohio.  I have more than enough space for both an office and craft room here – and absolutely love my new town – so different from where I was.

Fall 2015 was busy with preparations for a couple of craft fairs.   Once again I discovered that it is the “cute” / stocking stuffer items that sell the best, while my cards and other creative endeavors linger on the table and tended to be overlooked.

So I satisfied my need to create cards by donating bunches of them to a local retirement / rehabilitation facility where they could be sold at the gift shop and any profits used to benefit resident activities.  My coworkers were also subjected to card packs for Christmas gifts.  One coworker was so impressed he purchased a dozen more sets to give away at a spring gathering of long-time friends.  Nothing like a request to make 150 cards to make me happy and get those creative ideas flowing.

I did that last project, however, under a bit of a time crunch.  In late December I had traveled to Bowling Green for a job interview and by mid-January I had accepted to position.  I was to start March 1st so between the end of January and mid-February I was completing my card order between periods of packing.  There is nothing like having to pack up all your craft supplies to make you realize exactly how many of them you really have……  And yet I can still somehow convince myself that if I just buy this or that stamp set it will be “the one” to make all the difference in whether or not someone buys my cards.  Delusional? Yes.  Happy?  Yes.  Overstocked?  Definitely!!

I’ve already found a charity here to make some cards for and I’m back to stocking my Etsy store, so I certainly will have plenty of variety to offer.  And I have friends and family back in New York to send cards too and new coworkers to share my card-making passion with as well.

Life is good!

Thomas enjoying his new home in Ohio

Thomas enjoying his new home in Ohio



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