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Wacky Winter Holidays

Following up on my Labor Day post about unusual fall holidays, I figure, now that we are about to start 2015, it’s time to look ahead at what days you didn’t know you needed to celebrate in the next  3 months.  Of course there are those two biggies — Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day.  But depending on your romantic status or national heritage, those can be kind of non-events if you’re not “qualified” to participate.  Although I have heard it said that everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s day…

Regardless, I’ve again weeded through the various websites listed at the end of this post and come up with my favorite off-beat special days for January, February and March.  If you look closely at the list, I’m sure you can begin to learn certain things about me – I’m a pet lover, I like crafts, books and to be organized, I’d like to make the world a better place, and I’m hungry…. I hope you find some days here that you can celebrate (or at least smile at) or use the links at the bottom of this post to find your own special occasions!


January National Blood Donor Month
January National Hobby Month
January Get Organized Month
January Be Kind to Food Servers Month
January Creativity Month
January 3 Festival of Sleep Day
January 3 Fruitcake Toss Day
January 6 Three Kings Day
January 6 Cuddle Up Day
January 8 Argyle Day
January 10 Peculiar People Day
January 12 Clean Off Your Desk Day
January 13 Make Your Dream Come True Day
January 14 National Dress Up Your Pet Day
January 18 Winnie the Pooh Day (A.A. Milne’s birthday)
January 20 National Buttercrunch Day
January 20 Penguin Awareness Day
January 23 National Handwriting Day
January 24 Compliment Day
January 24 Talk Like a Grizzled Prospector Day
January 27 Chocolate Cake Day
January 28 Fun at Work Day
January 28 Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
January 29 National Puzzle Day
January 31 Inspire Your Heart with Art Day


February National Heart Month
February Hot Breakfast Month
February Library Lovers Month
February 2 Groundhog Day
February 4 Thank a Mailperson Day
February 4 Homemade Soup Day
February 7 Send a Card to a Friend Day
February 7 Bubblegum Day
February 10 Umbrella Day
February 11 Peppermint Patty Day
February 12 Lost Penny Day
February 13 Get a Different Name Day
February 14 National Donor Day
February 14 International Book Giving Day
February 15 National Gum Drop Day
February 15 Single Awareness Day
February 17 Random Acts of Kindness Day
February 19 Chocolate Mint Day
February 20 Love Your Pet Day
February 20 Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day
February 22 Banana Bread Day
February 27 Polar Bear Day


March Caffeine Awareness Month
March National Craft Month
2nd Week of March Crochet Week
March 2 Old Stuff Day
March 3 National Anthems Day
March 3 What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day
March 4 Hug a GI Day
March 6 White Chocolate Cheesecake Day
March 7 Dress in Blue Day
March 8 Genealogy Day
March 8 Proofreading Day
March 10 Middle Name Pride Day
March 13 Pluto is a Planet Day
March 14 National Potato Chip Day
March 14 National Pi (π) Day
March 16 Freedom of Information Day
March 18 Biodiesel Day
March 22 As Young As You Feel Day
March 25 National Waffle Day
March 27 Quirky County Music Song Titles Day
March 30 Take a Walk in a Park Day

These sites were very useful in collecting my list of days:
Provides detailed information on each day, its origins if known, and even provides information on how to create a special day of your own!
Blog musings on a select collection of odd holidays.
Laid out in calendar format which means you sometimes need to do extra clicks to find the info you need, but there is a wealth of information on this site.
A basic list of odd holidays; a good starting place.
Have to scroll through day by day. Good if you just want to check for a specific date.


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Merry Christmas 2014

Happy Christmas Morning!  I hope everyone is celebrating this holiday is a way that is pleasing to them.  I am spending the day at home, enjoying some solitude with my cats.  Circumstances didn’t allow for getting together with family this year.  I did keep in touch though with that tried and true tradition of Christmas cards.  Here is a sampling of the cards I made and sent out.

CountryChristmas_Snowflake_4 ComeToBethlehem_1 Wreath_WishingYou Dasher_1 FlockWindowFrame_1 Penguin_DeckTheHalls_1 Snowflakes_Joy

I think my favorite is the whimsical penguin ready to decorate the tree.  Second and third are the reindeer and the three Wise Men on their way to Bethlehem.  I’m already looking forward to next Christmas and what I can create for then.  In the meantime, it’s time to look forward to making some winter birthday cards for coworkers and then some Valentines!

’til next time!


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Where Do All The Photos Go?

This fall my mom and I went to Winterthur (well worth the visit if you are ever in the Wilmington, Delaware area), to see an exhibit of the Costumes of Downton Abbey. My mom is a fan of the show; I’ve never watched an episode, but I still enjoyed seeing the detailed costume designs and learning more about the time period in which these fictional characters live and how their experiences in Britain would have compared with the du Ponts at Winterthur.

It was a very popular exhibit and admission was by timed pass only. This practice is the norm these days for popular museum exhibits, but I’m a bit cynical that it works, although I suppose it’s the best option available. Still it always feels as if the museums oversell each time slot because you are still cheek to jowl with your fellow museum patrons, moving like cattle along a predetermined route, with occasional backlogs as groups gather to read particularly interesting or lengthy descriptive text. Now, it’s not like my mom and I had any other plans for the day so we could take our time and wait out the bottlenecks, but I’m just not a fan of crowds so when something is that busy I tend to want to get through and get out so I can breathe again.

Crowd control in situations like these isn’t helped any by the camera happy – and with an exhibit with as much eye candy as this one, there were plenty of people pulling out their smart phones to capture all the sights. Now I can see taking a picture or two of your favorite costume, or the costume of your favorite character or from a favorite scene, but some people seemed to be just indiscriminately snapping everything in sight! I hate to image what their Facebook or Instagram feeds look like.

But, my snarky comment aside, I honestly do wonder what they do with all those pictures. You see, the other part of that weekend with my mom was spent going through years (and I do mean years) of family snapshots and slides from the 1970s and 1980s and tossing most of them. You don’t really appreciate how revolutionary the digital camera is until you spend the better part of two days remembering how you had to wait for the pictures to come back from the drug store (Sun Drug on Route 19 to be exact) only to find out someone’s eyes were closed or someone wasn’t smiling. Or you had to wait for Kodak to mail your slides back to you (all so dad could bring the slide projector and slide screen to every family gathering….but that’s another story).

I suppose the pictures could have been weeded as soon as they came back from the developer, but it was expensive to have them made, so they were kept, every one of them, and carefully labeled too; if not individually, then at least on the package so we generally knew the date and event. Do people take such care with their digital photographs? Or is it so easy to store and delete them that they don’t even give them a second thought; just snap away and in a couple of years have no idea the people, places or events that reside on their phones? (Well, ok, hopefully they’ll be able to identify the selfies.)

When digital storage is cheap, is it just so easy to simply keep clicking and never review what you have? [Just ask the person who never weeds out her e-mail accounts, but simply files them away in folders…..] But I really hope all those shutter happy people do pause every now and then and take the time to review the past.

I wouldn’t trade that weekend with my mom for anything. It was emotionally draining at times; reliving the past can do that to you — lots of “what ifs”; roads not taken, stuff like that. But if you simply appreciate what was there, you realize how good it was. We shared a lot of laughs, a few tears, and ton of memories and made some more. We weeded the photographs into four boxes – one box for me, one for my brother, one for the family genealogy, and one for my mom. The trash can got the rest.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a scrapbook to make.

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On Craft Fairs and the Future

Hello again! It’s been much longer that I intended to let slip by before writing here again. But a family medical emergency that took me away from home most of November unfortunately intervened. The good news is that all is well now on that front.

The other good news is that I was very satisfied with how I did at both of the craft fairs I attended this year. I had some sales at both, got to promote my Etsy shop, got some great ideas for other products to sell (as well as what not to sell) and in general enjoyed myself both days.

Certain Smiles' Booth, St. Thomas the Apostle PTO Craft Fair, 2014

Certain Smiles’ Booth, St. Thomas the Apostle PTO Craft Fair, 2014

It’s never wasted time if it can be considered a learning experience. And both days certainly were. And they were also great opportunities to interact with fellow vendors as well as customers. I’m an introvert by nature, but put me in a situation where I have to interact and I love it! Especially when I’m talking about something I enjoy as much as crafting.

Certain Smiles' booth, St. Thomas the Apostle PTO Craft Fair, 2014

Certain Smiles’ booth, St. Thomas the Apostle PTO Craft Fair, 2014

However, I now find myself at a bit of a crossroads, asking myself where do I go from here? While I met the goals I had set for myself this year for the craft fairs, what about for the future? As I said, I learned a lot this year. Including that perhaps craft fairs aren’t the best place to sell the products I make. Sure, the customers I had were very enthusiastic about my creations, but were there enough of them to make my attendance at the craft fairs really profitable? Or would I need to focus more on “stocking stuffer” type items to sell – and creating such items is not really in my game plan right now, though perhaps it could be.

So I’m taking December to reconsider and regroup. I’m not stopping creating, not by any means; just refining where I’m heading in 2015. This blog will be part of that journey. I hope you’ll come along for the ride.


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