The Colors of Fall

A couple of days ago, my boyfriend told me about a trip to the grocery store where he saw a display of white pumpkins and wondered if I’d ever seen such at thing. I hadn’t. We both agreed that white pumpkins seemed “wrong, on so many levels” (one of his favorite phrases).

Well, it appears that, once again, I am behind the times. A quick Google search reveals that white pumpkins have been around since about 2005. Early adopter Martha Stewart started decorating with them as far back as 2003. Some sites refer to them as a “classy and chic” way to decorate for fall, particularly fall weddings.

So I tried to suspend my skepticism and scrolled through the multitude of images that appeared online for “white pumpkins”. Carved ones, painted ones, whole ones with decorative trim, and just plain white ones sitting all alone. I clicked on some for a closer look, but in the end, none of them made me a fan.

Call me a traditionalist, but what’s the point of a pumpkin if it’s not orange? What’s the point of fall without color? Isn’t that why a dozen or more state, federal and other tourism sites post frequent updates of their fall foliage?  Ironically, when I look up “traditional fall colors” online the top results include “non-traditional fall colors for your wedding”….

Alas, here is where this post ran out of steam / ideas of what to say….. So I’ll simply leave you with this pumpkin I created, in some of my favorite fall colors:

Pumpkin Thanksgiving Card

Pumpkin Punch Art Thanksgiving Card





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